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Special Offer Package Deal:

- Monthly Large Equipment Studio Membership

- Monthly Online Pilates Membership

Limited availability during COVID-19 restrictions. Please text or call 07703 116284 before subscribing.

Premium package to access all our Online Classes and the Studio during lockdown.  

By subscribing to this package you are getting £10 per month off our Online Class Subscription PLUS access to our Fully Equipped Large Equipment Pilates Studio.

Please see joining instructions for the Large Equipment Studio in the write up above.

Get unlimited access to all our LIVE streamed classes straight to your living room! If you don't make it to the live stream, the class is saved and you can do it anytime that suits you. Once you have paid send a joining request to our Facebook Group 'VIP Pilates LIVE Group @ Belper Pilates Studios'. You will be removed from the group if your subscription expires.

Package Deal Membership


(Large Equipment Studio Members Only)

Click the Booking Link Below to reserve your 45 minute training block via Acuity Scheduling.  Please remove any unwanted bookings at least 12 hours prior to use to prevent wasted slots.

Opening Hours for the next 2 weeks (from Weds 27.5.20):

Mon 5.30pm - 8.30pm

Weds 5.30 - 8.30 pm

Book Your Pilates Training Slot Here

Membership Form


(New members to complete and return to us either via email or a paper copy)